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Oh I love this place beyond words. I'm a local vegan and go here at least once a week.

Great selection on the menu, everything ranging from imitation meat dishes to crisp, fresh veggies. All done soooo deliciously too. Friendly staff, place is always clean, prices are reasonable.

It's a small place (but that works for me personally since it's cozy) but I've never had to wait for a table. Amazing hot and sour soup (w/o egg, of course) and the black pepper chicken is fantastic. Also recommended: the dumplings, spare ribs, duck, and everything else on the menu. Oh...they have some vegan hot dog and sushi but I've never tired those.

Also, super-quick if you're doing take-out.

Reviewer: BeeperPuppy S
Los Altos, CA
I love this place and I'm not even vegetarian OR vegan! I love the corn chowder they give you at the beginning (I usually get some to go too) and the scallion pancakes are amazing! I read a few reviews about the pancakes being sub-par and I think that maybe the chef just wasn't "on" that day?? I've never had a bad order of the pancakes. The orders with fake pork, chicken, beef, etc. actually do taste like real meat, which is a real plus to someone who is used to eating meat! The decor makes this restaurant look like a real hole-in-the-wall but don't let that fool you. The staff is really friendly. Give Garden Fresh a try!

Reviewer: Alison C.
San Mateo, CA


Yummy food - ample servings. Favorites: Corn Chowder soup, Scallion pancakes, Ham bundles (w/bok choy), veggie "duck" (with mixed veggies), and one of their board specials - Black Pepper "Chicken".

Reviewer: tammy
A hole in the wall vegan restaurant in MV. my favourite dishes are the veggie ham and the pepper chicken. The hostess is extremely warm and usually very talkative. make sure you have cash if you are eating for less than $15.

by mylaporemama

I was going to give this 4 stars, because I liked it and definitely want to go back and eat again. Then I remembered that I completely forgot none of the fried "chicken" or "chicken" Singaporean noodles were actual "chicken". I was slightly confused while reading the menu since I was aware we were going to the Vegan / Vegetarian restaurant. They had Chicken this and Chicken that. I thought, hmm, maybe it's one of those Chicken only eating Vegetarian places. Still it didn't click. I had a long day.

After we ordered the Scallion Pancakes (these are a must-have here, deep fried goodness), probably one of the most popular appetizers, Potstickers (thick and yummy), General's Chicken and Singaporean Noodles with Chicken. Steamed brown rice comes with the food, as well as hot & sour soup, they also have tofu and corn chowder. The soup is served in the beginning as soon as you place your order..

Reviewer:lorree s.
San Francisco, CA