If you have not been to our Garden Fresh Vegetarian Restaurant, you might wonder what kind of restaurant it is and what kind of vegan food we offer. Please take a look at our menu by clicking on the above selections and also see what our customers say in the TESTIMONIAL section.

But, if you would really like to know about our restaurant - you know what to do. Come and try. We provide affordable vegan food; all entrees under $10; a wide variety of choices, from soup, appetizers, and regular main dishes to chef's specials that WE PROMISE YOU WILL ENJOY!

Recently we have added some new dishes and everyone likes them. Pick up a date to try one of them. Remember, if you have any questions that we haven‘t answered here, you are always welcome to call us at 650-254-1688.

Following are a few comments we selected from the Garden Fresh review on the Dining Guide by State at http://www.usnpl2.com. (We wanted to make sure you did see what our customers have been saying.

"This is the best vegetarian restaurant I've been to - I go there at least twice a week!!! I Love it and would tell everyone vegetarian or not, to try it...." Read More

"I love this place. In so many Chinese restaurants, "vegetarian" really means "less pork". Not here ...." "That's one of the things I like most about Garden Fresh. You don't have to say "it's the best vegie version", you can say "it's the best..." Read More